1. Of or relating to harmony.
2. Integrated in nature.
1. Any of a series of musical tones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the frequency of a fundamental tone.
2. Physics A wave whose frequency is a whole-number multiple of that of another.

What we are:

Harmonic Laboratory is an award-winning art collective that has curated art festivals and developed works for stage, gallery, and common spaces since 2010. We are a collective of artists, thinkers, educators and innovators that investigate the human experience through the integration of media and common theme.

What we do:

Our mission is to integrate art, science, and the humanities in the development of creative works that tell stories and unpack the dense cultural content around us. We believe such projects serve a greater educational purpose and enrich community through performative art. Harmonic Laboratory is committed to providing resources and support to projects and participants that endeavor to cross boundaries of discipline, ideology, and form in the creation of innovative and compelling artwork. Harmonic Laboratory consists of choreographer Brad Garner, animator John Park, composer Jeremy Schropp, and intermedia artist Jon Bellona.




Gallery Exhibition: Eugene, OR

Manual Cinema Frankenstein (photo by Michael Brosilow)

Harmonic Laboratory is pleased to announce an interactive gallery exhibit at the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene OR, opening in early January, 2020. We will craft a number of multimedia installation work in support of Manual Cinema‘s residency at the Hult Center in late February. The installations will fold technologies employed by Manual Cinema with our multimedia approach and collaborative work. We are excited to partner with the Jacobs Gallery to cultivate an immersive experience as we welcome Manual Cinema to Eugene.




A kinetic sound sculpture that depicts the life, color, and environment of the High Desert in the Western US.

Work Sample