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Digital Art is a field that examines visual culture with digital tools and internet-enabled technologies. Projected light on unexpected surfaces, data-activated installations, and visual computer programming are all harnessed to bring concepts to life. Harmonic Laboratory intends to follow the precedent of past media artists to bend the rules around intended use of such technologies, looking to collaboration pioneers such as Merce Cunningham, John Cage and Nam June Paik.

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Digital Art is bound only by the author’s ability to successfully meld concept and technological potential.

Harmonic Laboratory members use the principles and techniques learned from contemporary and historical art practice, but also willingly adopt newer methods such as video projection-mapping, interactive & kinetic installation art, and experimental 3D animation. This is a space where art and technology intersect. Both viewers and practitioners find comfort and wonder in the lack of boundaries of this field, where borders do not end at analog or digital, temporal or physical.


Harmonic Laboratory is an award winning art collective with a reputation for consistent innovation and professional productions.