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Artists, Collaborators, & Trusted Friends

John ParkAnimation / Digital-Art / Programming
Jeremy SchroppMusic Composition / Conducting / Performance
Jon BellonaIntermedia / Music / Programming

Collaborators and Trusted Friends

Bohemian Dub Orchestra
Bohemian Dub Orchestra
Integrated Arts
Integrated Arts
City of Eugene
City of EugeneCultural Services
Hult Center
Hult Center
Arts & Business Alliance Eugene
Arts & Business Alliance Eugene
Lane Arts Council
Lane Arts Council
University of Oregon
University of Oregon
Dmitri von Klein
Dmitri von KleinPhotography


Projection Mapping / Computer-Programming

John Park is an artist who blends expressive and algorithmic processes to make time-based and installation works.  http://johnparkonline.com/

Selections of John’s work

By bridging the gap between computer programming and expressive animation, I am developing an art practice and body of work that expels expression out of cold information, and injects the authority of information into abstract imagery. I have found a home in hybridity artist not just between science and art, but by collaborating with colleagues in music and dance. Constantly mining for content of unknown origins – strange compound elements that are partly digital, partly of movement or sonic arts – I am seeking to discern new forms of work from the raw ore of this production. My practice ranges from interactive data-driven installation to large scale performance to algorithmic works that live solely on the screen. I strive to make work that falls outside of standard categories of art practice and to share methodologies with colleagues and students as a way to expand the field.

John Park is a Senior Career Instructor of Art & Technology within the Department of Art at the University of Oregon. As a member of the Art faculty since 2007, Park teaches Interactive Digital Arts, as well as classes in 3D modeling and physical computing.
View personal work at: johnparkonline.com
View student work at:


Music Composition / Conducting / Performance 

Jeremy Schropp is a music composer, conductor and performer, who combines traditional acoustic elements with emerging technologies and compositional practice.

Selections of Jeremy’s work

From an early age I knew that music, and more specifically composition, provided an ideal outlet for my creative expression. I began playing piano around the age of four and still remember “composing” short melodies that I would perform for my family. To this day, I still feel a sense of wonder whenever a new piece is performed; however, my philosophy concerning the direction of acoustic music composition has changed significantly, in that I believe traditional models of creation and presentation have to be challenged and modified for the art form to persist in the future.

The work I do with Harmonic Laboratory promotes this philosophy by exploring various disciplines and determining how they can be combined with my creative approach. Some examples of this include using speech rhythms to derive rhythmic motives, translating scientific models and concepts into musical forms and textures, and observing natural phenomena to create melodic motives. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, Harmonic Laboratory creates musical, choreographic, and visual experiences that are unlike those found in traditional concert settings and galleries and that create new audiences for emerging art forms.

Jeremy is a co-founder of Harmonic Laboratory who has presented compositional work internationally and collaborated with numerous contemporary musical artists, including RJD2, Quixotic, Odjbox, Beats Antique, Medium Troy and Troyboi. He is also the conductor and arranger for the Bohemian Dub Orchestra, a collaborative classical ensemble based out of Eugene, OR. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the non-profit organization Integrated Arts and is a board member of the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene. Jeremy received his PhD in Music Composition and Theory and MM in Intermedia Music Technology from the University of Oregon.


Intermedia / Computer-Programming / Sound-Design

Jon is an intermedia artist/composer who specializes in digital technologies. http://jpbellona.com

Selections of Jon’s work

The idea of expression manifests itself in an array of languages and forms, but the interwoven thread among all remains the same: human connection. How can we effectively communicate our idea to others? How can we spark or foster a shared sense of listening? The formulation of connecting with others across boundaries and borders, languages and cultural attitudes, is an art form unto itself and to me, a life-long pursuit of study and craft.

My work explores physical embodiment in music, especially live performance of electronic instruments. Additional research delves into broader themes of data-driven music and interdisciplinary collaboration. I like integrating digital technology with physical forms, whether they take the shape of sound installations, instruments, or interactive media. My world is a sounded experience world. From sounds that comprise our daily world to highly produced sounds from inside the studio, I listen for ways to bring the audience into sound. Sound is a brilliantly fluid medium; it fills any container that we can conceivably construct. Harmonic Laboratory has enabled me to sculpt sound in new ways; I shape sounds through the movement of the human body, through the intricate touch of code, and through the creation of multimedia experiences put on by the collective. Today, through technology and collaboration, I seek to create sounds and the spaces that hold them (and the experiences that people listen to them!) outside of the normative boundaries of instruments and concert halls.

Jon Bellona is a Career Instructor of Audio Production within the School of Music and Dance at the University of Oregon.
View personal work at: jpbellona.com